Upcoming Gigs

Who knows when we’ll play out again? Stay healthy everyone, and we hope to see you after this blows over.

You can see and hear the Sandy Ridge Boys at the following venues:


June 24 at 6:45pm: Payson Park Music Fest, Payson Park, Belmont, MA
July 12: Private Function, Wellesley, MA
Aug 8: Private Function, Dedham, MA
Aug 9: Private Function, Charlton, MA
Aug 12: Private Function, Westwood, MA
Aug 20: Private Function, Lexington, MA
Sep 5, from 11-3pm: Verrill Farms, Concord, MA
Nov. 17: Private Function, Needham, MA

Some of our Past Gigs
Belmont Farmer’s Market, Belmont, MA
Burren Back Room with the NE Irish Harp Orchestra (Celtic Blue)
Cantab, Cambridge, MA
Joe Val Festival, Framingham, MA
Main Street Cafe, Concord, MA
The Porch Southern Fare and Juke Joint, Medford, MA
Verrill Farms, Concord, MA
Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA