Band Bios

Paul Cathcart - Sandy Ridge Boys

Paul Cathcart, our fearless leader, was born in Massachusetts, but spent most of his adult life in Virginia. His love of Bluegrass music was inspired 30 years ago by his close friend Jim Hughes, a native of Nashville, TN and Mr. Arnet Gutshall, a bluegrass music legend, who lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. He was also inspired by Guitar Legends and singers, Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, Ben Clark, Keith Garrett, and Josh Williams.

Fred Fowler

Fred Fowler, one of the finest fiddle players in New Hampshire, and a heck of a guy, does a lot of the country style singing, fiddling and harmonies. He also delivers on guitar when singing those old country classics. Formerly a judge for pie bake-offs, he can still judge a pretty good apple pie.

We are sad to announce that our friend, Fred passed away on May 9. You can read more here.

Neil Helme

Neil Helme, who has the biggest beard in the band,  is well known in Boston Music Circles and is one of the most talented bass players in the area.  He has played with great groups, like the Spring Hill Rounders, the Beantown Buckaroos, Honky Tonk  Masquerade, the Demolition String Band, Odessa Rose,  & The Smalls. In addition to his musical talent he brings great vocals and his extensive knowledge of bluegrass and country music. And we feature his song “Swimming Hole” in our sets.

Roger Weiss Banjo

Roger Weiss, our dancing banjo player, is known for his hot licks and cool demeanor. His major banjo influences are Earl Scruggs (of course), Eddie Adcock, and Lew London. He and Fred first met at a pie-baking contest where he placed second in the Cherry Pie Division.