Fred Fowler

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our good friend and band mate, Fred Fowler. We’ve had the pleasure of playing with him for the past 4 years as part of the Sandy Ridge Boys (SRB), as well as for years before that at local jam sessions. When you mention Fred’s name, the first thing people say is “What a nice guy”. An excellent legacy.
Fred Fowler
As an original member of the SRB, he was instrumental in shaping the direction of the group. From his fine fiddling to his country tunes where he would sometimes impersonate Marty Robbins, we had a lot of fun. And he didn’t mind being the butt of some of our jokes on stage. We would sometimes introduce him as “Fred Fowler, our fine fiddler, formerly from Florida and now from Framingham”. And we would sometimes joke about him being a moonshiner in New Hampshire. He would just laugh it all off in his inimitable good-natured way. We’re going to miss him. But, we will preserve his memory on this page with photos and a video featuring him singing one of our favorites. Good bye, old friend.

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Fred Fowler

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  1. Just a fine person to be with and to share bluegrass and country songs. I will miss him. My respects go out to his family and friends.

  2. Sure will miss Fred, a sweet guy, heck of a fiddler, good singer with a deep knowledge of bluegrass songs and a positive addition to any field jam.

  3. How tragic and sad for the whole bluegrass community. Mike and I have known Fred for a number of years. He’s often come out with his fiddle and played with us at the Bluegrass Gospel Sing & Jam. We send our heartfelt condolences to Ginny and to all of Fred’s family and friends. So very sorry to hear this sad news.

  4. Oh! my God rejoice
    Fred is with Your Angel Band.
    Yes a lot of wonderful music Fred has shared with us
    His Golden Voice
    His laughing to Cryiing Fiddling
    His wonderful Country Guitar sounds.
    and Oh! yes The Jimmy Rodgers ringer
    He will be Richly Remembered and Sorely Missed
    by all who knew Him
    ricl BeauSoleil

  5. It was a wonderful experience to have Fred as a bandmate for a while. An excellent musician and generous person, he’ll be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.

  6. I met Fred (and knew him) because he occasionally stopped by to play my open mike in Rindge. It was always a huge treat for us folkies to hear Fred blast through the great country standards that were the mainstay of his solo repertoire. We were blessed to have him feature at our open mike in March of 2014 and again last October. Fred was a pro, and as everyone who met him knows, just one of the nicest people you’d ever meet.

  7. Fred , I only knew you from playing tunes in Jerry Jeans band , but I can say for the past ten years you were a swell guy. A gentlemen for sure and a great singer and fiddle player
    I will miss you.

    Eddie B.

  8. We’ve lost a best friend. That’s what was so special about Fred, he was a best friend to all of us. He’ll be sorely missed but never forgotten. Goodbye good friend.

  9. I worked with Fred when he was at the Franklin Perkins School on the Operations Department. It’s true, He’s a good guy. Was great to meet up again with him in the Bluegrass world . He will be missed

  10. I haven’t seen Fred in awhile but we used to jam regularly at a mutual friends house and he was also always available to sit in with the makeshift bands we assembled for bluegrass in school in New Hampshire. He loved the music and he will be missed. This is sad news.

  11. I played a lot of music with Fred at the bluegrass festivals the last 8 to 12 years., but the last 3 or 4 years , I only went to one which was Basin bluegrass in Bandon Vt. Fred and I would set on his site and I would play My mandolin and he would get out his . I would play lead and he would harmonize. I don’t care what it was he could harmonize.Then , at night Him and I would go out and pick together. Him and I played bluegrass, country, swing and gospel. He used to harmonize what ever I sang.One of the best musicians I ever played with. Going to miss him and Gennie. Dick and Julie Powell

  12. Like some of us, I knew Fred mainly from playing with Jerry Jean’s band for the last few years. He always had a good word and a tremendously positive attitude that seemed to rub off on everyone. A great guy and a great musician and singer. Rest in peace, my friend.

  13. Loved playing music with him — always gracious and an exceptional player. More importantly a very nice guy. He will be missed by so many.

  14. I did not know Fred very well, but I always enjoyed any song he sang, and any instrument he played. He seemed to me to be as “authentic” a human being as any I’ve met. I first met Fred about 6 stories up in a Nashua building where he and a bunch of us sang songs and enjoyed each other. I remember him singing some fine Hank Williams songs–what a voice, and what feeling he had for the tunes he sang. The last time I saw him was at Bob Pope’s 70th Birthday Bash. I got the chance to talk to him for a pleasantly long time. When it came time to play, he tuned up his fiddle, and allowed me to use his pristine D-35 Martin ( mine was getting repaired). That is and was a great memory. I hope he’s tuning up somewhere else right now, right next to Hank himself. They’re going to sound great together.

  15. Shared my father’s name and style and I felt a connection because of thAt.
    Rest well handsome Fred.

  16. Fred was a great bandmate and always had a smile on his face. I loved playing music with him. He will be greatly missed by all.

  17. I’ve learned so much in my quest to play fiddle from Fred he always took the time to explain any questions and always showed enthusiasum towards the beginners. He was such a class act. I will miss him, my thoughts and prays to Ginny and family. Here’s to you Fred Hope to pic again with you in the angel band

  18. Today I send my symphaty to Ginny and Fred’s Family .
    Also I send them to all of his dear friends who he has touched and played with thru his wonderful Years of Living
    R.I.P. Fred
    rick B.

  19. Fred was always exceptionally kind to my family and I. He never complained when we would camp beside him and made us feel welcome. He was there when I started my bluegrass/gospel jam and would usually play the songs I requested including black and white rag. Fred, thank you. +

  20. Never played with Fred professionally, but we jammed plenty. He was always ready with a smile and up for trying new music, even played on an accordion! There’s an African saying that everyone dies three times: first, when your heart stops; a second time when they put you in the ground; and, finally, when your name is spoken for the last time. If there’s truth to that, Fred may just outlive us all.

  21. I always enjoyed being in any jam that Fred was a part of. He enjoyed the music so much and it was contagious.

  22. I send my sympathy to Ginny and to Fred’s Family. Fred was a fantastic guy, and I enjoyed playing music with him over the years.

  23. I don’t know if Ginny ever got my phone call with my sympathy. Fred will be remembered as my favorite late night safe place to be for ten years at every bluegrass festival after Jerry Jean stopped going to the festivals. What a great gathering of friends with Jerry Jean and Bob and the rest….will miss Fred next month when I return to NH from Florida…we are so very lucky to have Jerry Jean!

  24. Fred will be missed by everyone in the bluegrass circle. What a wonderful combination of talent and being a nice person. God bless you Fred, I think you found your bluebird. “Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side”.

  25. Fred was a great singer and player and a great person all rolled in one
    I had a pleasure to get to know him as a musician and a music friends
    Old timers in Clinton bluegrass jam and more

  26. Fred was a kind soul
    We will miss him.
    The Officers ,BOD and Members of Pinnacle Mountain Fish and Game Club
    offer their condolences

  27. Fred was a good friend and fiddle player. Remembering and missing him today on the anniversary of his death. The last time we saw him before his stroke he said, “We’re gonna keep playing this music forever.” Let’s keep his memory alive!

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